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These people are fabulous. My hobby is vintage clothing and costumes, so some of what I bring in is both rare and delicate. The folks at Campus Cleaners always treat it gently. I will never take my fine clothing anywhere else. Any time I've tried, it takes have the life off the garment! I've

Your customer service was outstanding, I really appreciate the service and the friendly smiles. Overall I would not go to other dry cleaners. coming from the east coast they treated me like I was home, and the quality of service as for as the cleaning excellent.

Exellent service and quick turn around. Everything I've ever turned in has always came back looking great. A good choice if you need work done.

If you are looking for a WONDERFUL,CLEAN place to do your laundry this is the place to go. The staff is friendly and very helpful. If you have a question just ask? They have free coffee,Tv's,and tanning. That's right tanning. What is better than take a quick tan while your clothes are washing.

I brought in a sample dress from a wedding store to be cleaned under a tight time crunch. They were very knowledgeable, helpful and did a wonderful job on.

This is a great little dry cleaner. The family that owns and runs it are super nice. The prices are what you would expect, but they also do a great job on.

Very consistant with dry cleaning and excellent at alterations. Prices seem a little higher than average but if you want good quality they are recommeneded

Quick and Cheaper. that's my kind of dry cleaner! And close, so that makes three strikes I go. What more can you say about dry cleaning?

Been going here for YEARS - so long that the original Korean lady that ran it has now retired and her daughter has taken over the family business. Great.

Michael's has been our dry cleaning place for 2 years and we love it. Ariel [ not Adiel ;) as Don said ] is fantastic, always making sure all our clothes.

These people have been here for more than a decade. They offer great service very cheaply. It's around 20 cents to get a shirt cleaned if you have more.

I never gave much thought to which dry cleaners I use until I had some crazy experiences: almost 4 bucks per shirt, another one who told me they couldn't.

Excellent customer service and I've had more than a few things come back spotless that I thought were ruined. I really like the environmental approach as well. The people make the difference.

The previous owner was wonderful. new owner has no customer service skills!

M Pressed Dry Cleaners is the best cleaners in Spokane. The atmosphere is wonderful and their staff is great. I have been helped by many of the girls at the front counter and all of them have been extremely pleasant. I have also spoke with the owner Jeff and he was very nice. They do a great

No more double creases! the cleaners itself looks a little small but their work is fantastic! my clothes never looked so good!

This husband and wife team always delivers. They are friendly, courteous, efficient and honest. I have used them exclusively for over five years, and have found their prices to be very fair. In fact, I used to pay far more for much less. Sun has NEVER crushed a button, ironed a collar off-center,

This is the best dry cleaner and tailor I have ever had the pleasure to do business with - His prices are reasonable and the service is top notch! 5 STARS!

Very clean store, excellent customer service. Kim is an angel.

I don't have a lot of experience with dry cleaners, but this place is already making it tough for the competition. I went there once, dropped off a.

Sam's Dry Cleaning ROCKS! Not only are they reasonably priced, but they are quick and customer service oriented to a T.In addition to dry cleaning, they.

Good place, clean and brightly lit. Close to shopping and drive-thru food

Took two pairs of pants to Malm's to have them hemmed. I searched these reviews after I dropped them off and got a little worried. However, once I picked them up I was pleasantly surprised. Both were just as requested. One pair had a cuff which most alteration places I've been to usually mess

Friendly, good service, always remembers me. Good place!

This cleaners is run by the nicest people. Everytime I go I have my hands full with kids and they always offer to carry my cleaning out to my car for me. In fact they told me just to call ahead and they'll bring everything to my car and I won't even have to get out. Haven't tried it yet, but

The woman who owns the place is phenomenal. Not only did she remember my wife and I after the first visit, but she also remembers what we talked about the.

I just got my beloved silk wedding gown back from Helena's and it looked beautiful and they did a great job, they even managed to get the red mystery stain.

This is the best laundramat ever, mang! so nice and clean unlike other crowded places with only ONE big machine. At here there is alot of big machines, friendly services & drop off for only 75 cent a pound! talk about cheap huh? well aniways i ask out of 5 people they would say that this is

Bella Cleaners provides excellent service and really takes care of my clothes.

So this is probably the cleanest laundromat I've ever been to. It's bright and clean and people leave you alone for the most part. The only complaint I have is that there are no single load washers so I have to use a two load washer to take care of my daughters laundry when it is such a small

I'm not a regular patron of dry cleaners. In fact, my motto has always been, If I can't wash it, then I wasn't meant to own it. Well, I'm not in.

They are always willing to put you first if need be. They have the best prices in town and they are fast and ofcourse they do a great job!

Been using this dry cleaner for years, always the best service, never a problem. They are very polite!

When it comes time to getting work clothes dry cleaned- I'm going to head over here from now on- fast, friendly, 2 blocks away from my house, and despite.

I've used U-Save for over 5 years now and have always been pretty satisfied. Yes, I have been the victim to a broken button on a suit jacket and a missing.

Here's the way the perfect dry cleaner should work. You should carry your armload of shirts into the laundry. If you've been in previously, they should.

Ignore the roof with its decades of decomposing pine needles. Ignore the incomprehensible parking lot. Fear not.Your clothes will come back clean and on.

These people are very nice,and very professional.Good family feel!

Fine service, prices reasonable. Grab some Spuds afterwards and put a few grease stains on your freshly laundered shirts. -They have the most annoying.

This laundromat couldn't be in a better area! not only do you get your laundry done quicker because you can run many loads at once, but you can run some.

Great service. It doesn't cost any more than the nasty, chemical-laden dry cleaning services and in some cases it's even less! Do something healthy for yourself and the environment, go to this place.

QC Cleaners does a great job. They don't ruin our clothes and they always have the same special running: 8 pieces for $32. Not bad! If you have a full.

Reliable and competent laundry and dry-cleaning service.

Clean, well-lit, free WiFi, plus they do laundry service (weekly or by the pound). Very Groovy.

I haven't been to any other drycleaners in West Seattle and why would I? West Seattle Cleaners is great. Not only do they remember us when we walk in the.

I have alway shad good service with friendliness here.I had used another cleaner which mademany mistakes and then transferred to here. The price was not.

The staff here is always very nice. I greatly appreciate the later hours they have so I don't have to worry about not being able to pick-up/drop-off.

When choosing a dry cleaner, I believe that convenience is towards the top of the list characteristics I look for. Affordable and fast are up there, too.

I went to the cleaner with my friend few days ago who just wanted to dry wash his clothes. When we got it back, some part was broken which I believe was intact before cleaning. I don't really want to blame for the broken part, but their attitude was the worst I have ever seen. They just wouldn't

Their services are great! The pick up for free and deliver as scheduled everytime. The courier is always so courteous and remembers the little quirks you have so that its perfect everytime. :)