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DO NOT GO HERE! THEY WILL RUIN YOUR CLOTHES! I brought in my $150 wool winter coat and it came back in the same condition as when I brought it in. They didn't even clean it! And whoever cleaned it ruined it! They didn't know what they were doing and shaved one spot of my coat down. Then they

I've been a customer of S Ray Barrett Cleaners for over 3 years. I used to take all of my clothes there (sweaters, blouses, dresses, pants, etc.) but that became a little $$$ so now I only take my designer pieces, all my dresses and dress pants or coats to them. The prices are higher than average

The staff is so nice and they do a great job.

Expensive. Seriously. Very expensive. It cost me more than $20 to get a two-piece suit and 2 ties dry cleaned. They charged the pants and the blazer as two.

Nicest. Staff. Ever.Seriously - they are SO cheerful and helpful and accomodating, and they do a lovely job. There are a million cleaners in Arlington but.

Ever wondered how honest people were? They passed the test. I had recently moved to the area and was looking for a dry cleaners. I had tested various locations by leaving a various amounts of money in my front pocket, ($1 - $5 dollars) and never went back to the store if they kept the money.

I'm impressed! So, it's time to wash the comforters. After a Yelp review, I decided to give Forest 24 a go. Glad I did.I've seen many a laundromats.

This the BEST tailor I have ever been to! I always take my vintage finds and pants there and their alterations are flawless! I totally trust them to alter.

So far so good!I dropped off 3 items for dry clean ($1.89 a piece as the name implies) and 2 dress shirts for laundry ($.99 each) and asked how much.

I switched from Zoots to 2.99 Cleaners and they ruined (rips in the material) several of my wifes silk items. When I took them back they told me that the items were already torn. I told them I was not coming back and would not refer anyone to their business.and they said fine don't come back

The customer service is great, and the cleaning is great! I would recommend The Dry Cleaners to any of my friends or family.

Great cleaning,also love their same day service.I won't go anywhere else.

I have used several cleaners in Ashland, but have been most satisfied with Princess. They are polite, prompt, and the clothes look very good when you get them back. The thing that sold me on them most was getting back a white robe and it was still white. I had given this robe to another cleaners

The service isn't all that bad not all that great, but it is the only game in town-their work is good and acceptable on shirts-fred

It's a family run business and it is also the best cleaners/laundry service around! We have been using them for over 6 years. Great at getting out he toughest stains and shirts come back fresh and with the right amount of starch.

They have great prices for patches and sewing jobs. Also their dry cleaning and pressing is very well priced. They sew, dry clean & press all overnight at no extra cost. Give them a try, definitely better than other local shops.

Ridiculously over priced, lackluster customer service and very difficult to get to since it's off the feeder road at a major intersection. Certainly to be avoided.

Great Cleaners. Quick Service. Good Prices. The Customer Service is Superb.

The people there are very friendly and upbeat. You are guaranteed good work. With a nice enviroment. Tkae shot at it.

Consistent, above average cleaners and tailoring. Items have always been ready on time or even early. A little pricey for certain things, but have not been dissapointed with their work yet.

This place has everything for the military folks, and great service too.

We recently moved to the area and have gone to Presto Valet On N. Quaker about a half dozen times. Every time we were very pleased with the professional quality of the service. They are the only dry cleaner that actually surpassed our expectations. They use the environmentally friendly cleaning

THE BEST! I took a family christening gown to Albano Cleaners that was yellow and stained and had been in the attic for years. The clerk was very helpful, she even called the cleaner ask some questions about my garment. I left the christening gown thinking that there was little or no hope for

It's ok. Not too good, not too awful. Sometimes the attendant wasn't around. But machines were in working order. There's a TV on the wall. Some magazines. Somewhat dirty. Your run-of-the-mill laundry place. The guy at a gas station next door is pretty rude though.

Alteration is very good, quick, and skilled. Soon, the manager has done a such great job on my clothes, always perfect looking alteration. Very friendly and honest people. They always gives my money back from pockets. Soon is very nice and hard working person. I feel thankful all the time

Too expensive, over 15 dollars for one suit, it also takes them days on end to have your clothes ready

Excellent cleaning services. Clothes are always appropriately cared for and finished well.They offer same day service until 1, but there is a big.

Friendly service, and they turned my 3 pairs of trousers around in 1 day. $19 for 3 pairs, seems about on par. There WAS a wrinkle/crease in one of my.

Under new management and very impressive! Great customer service.

They always do excellent work, the staff is very personable and they never lost or damaged any of my clothes in 18yrs KNOCK ON WOOD LOL

I'm an Active Duty Military Service member, and I am stationed in Clarendon. Katrina and her staff are the BEST! Although many customers come in daily, Katrina welcomes you in with a Great Big Smile, and calls you by name! Although I've moved further away from the area, I still drive out to

Dependable, hardworking Korean couple run this place. You can bring your shoes in for re-soles and other repair as well. They will also take in small rugs.

Charming Yet Delightful employees.They do an OUTSTANDING JOB are ABOVE AND BEYOUND IN CUSTOMER SERVICE.Santa has his suits cleaned by them every year.They are always ready on time The Reds are red the White fur fluffy and white. This staff always makes the good list.Some Years they have some

This place has done everything from dry-cleaning to repairs, to hemming, etc. They are great and their prices are even better!

I actually worked at Hurt's the summer of 06' and it was not a great experience. First the owner can be very condescending and they had roaches I mean everywhere in the microwaves that the employees are supposed to use for their lunches and on the clothing. So shake your clothes off before

Spectacular, fantastic; I would recommend them to anyone near by. I've never had an issue with Star Cleaners and they always have provided top notch service for reasonable prices. I've been a loyal customer for about a year and half with weekly dry cleaning and the only gripe I could make is


They've cleaned my fabulous, bright blue coat.This coat-a cross between something Madeline would wear and a goose-steppin' old school Colonial soldier's.

Dependable dry cleaners. I get all my shirts done here with no issues. There is always plenty of parking and my shirts are always done when promised. I've had some horror stories from other dry cleaners (missing shirts, untreated stains) but I am really happy with the service at Hihat.

A1's location makes it very convenient for dropping off laundry when walking to the metro. The owner's great - he's friendly and really seems to care about giving good service.

Millie's is the best, they do fast work and they are always so friendly. I have gotten lots of pants hemmed and a bridesmaid dress already. Soon I will be getting my bridal gown done here, I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Magic. I took in an impossible series of stains on a 100% silk dress- two days later & cupid and it is totally gone! It was fair priced (about 12$ for my.