Utah Dry Cleaner Reviews

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Nice service, low price, best place to do business

Thank you Jen for showing this old bachelor how to do laundry. This facility is the cleanest laundromat I've ever been to and the employees are very helpful.

Even if I haven't been by in a while, (like, months!) Julie and her entire crew remember who I am. I have no idea how they do this, but I'd like to learn their secret. And they always do a really nice job on my clothes.

Counter service was second to none. Quality of cleaning/pressing was by far THE BEST we've ever received. The clerck was very knowledgeable and very helpful. I have never been to a Dry Cleaners that have a Gift Shop attatched for convenience. I first started using Pony Express for my dry cleaning

This is a family run business. It is great to have folks there that care and are responsive. Great atmosphere and perfect service record for me.

Have not used Masa, but friends say they are competent.http://www.flickr.com/photos/stewf/128272513/

The 3 star review does not mean that Red Hanger is not good, but they have not provided me with an experience that will stop me from looking for other.

This place is the best for dry cleaning because it is conveniently located AND it's a drive thru! The quality is right up there, but not perfect. I have had.