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I love Jennie!Jennie ROCKS! Missing button? No problem. Need it when? No problem and one of the most honest business people I know. Accidentally.

What do you want from a dry cleaner? You want your clothes back in one piece, cleaned thoroughly, pressed, and you want them back as soon as possible. Hallmark delivers on all counts. They usually have coupons in one of the two coupon magazines we get mailed to us. Turn in 2-3 suits and a pair

Super Laundry, Allentowns newest and biggest laundromat. Clean friendly open 24/7 thought it was great

I have been taking my clothes there for the past 3 years and have never had a problem. If you need a rush on your items they are able to do it for you, without an additional fee. I highly recommend them.

Good laundromat. Nice and clean. Parking lot is a plus.

We recieved great service and quality work at a great price. Good value.

This is the ONLY laundromat that I go to. All others fail in comparison. The setup they have there makes you not want to go anywhere else. And its CLEAN! At any time, be it day or night, they are cleaning. This is not my neighborhood laundromat; I drive out of my way to wash my clothes here.

Prices are good,people behind counters are polite to customers==but== they do have to check out the pressing of clothes before they send clothes out.

Great price! Fast service! Beautiful results! A definite A++!

Solid. The dude that runs it is nice. Pants day is every wedensday for $4.25.

Very prompt service- the dry cleaning is very fastidious and the alterations are excellent. Everything was carefully cleaned and the alterations were carried out exactly as I wanted. Don't be afraid to give the tailor a complex job. She's very experienced and can fix anything. My clothes were

Great service. Did a wonderful job altering my wedding gown. Very professional and quick.

The little ol' ladies that work here are the sweetest ever. As far as dry cleaning goes, it's tough to differentiate service amongst all the competitors,.

These people actually wanted to charge me 10 bucks for a customary tux measurement. How sad there is no goodwill or decent customer service here.

It is great with my hectic schedule to have a dry cleaner that comes right to my door. Pressed4Time's quality is unlike any other drycleaner I have ever used. They save me time and money.

I've gone to Harvard Cleaners for three years and they have always done a phenomenal job. They are quick, cheap and high quality - everything you can ask for in a dry cleaning service. They are also always very energetic and happy when you go in and remember you by name.

I found this cleaner by accident. The local HS band director told us at a meeting the this new business gave the school a good deal on cleaning the band.

I have had good experiences with this place and have been bringing my clothes here for the past 10 years.They are very friendly and do a good job with my.

Fast and Friendly and there prices are very fair.!

Everything is donw right. Tailoring cleaning, stains, a pleasure to deal with

The place to go to in my neighborhood for dry cleaning and repair of costume malfunctions. Nice place run by a hardworking young couple. Nuff said.

This place always puts out a great product, for a great price, come here on certain days an you may just save 15% off your drycleaning bill.

Love this place! i hate sitting there and waiting for my wash to be done but with this place i just drop it off and they tell me when to come back. the prices arent bad either considering i didnt have to buy my own soap and they did dry cleaning for no extra charge. they was it, dry it, fold

The owner recently relocated her shop. I am one of the royal customers for her years. Great service and customer service. Unlike other cleaners, no missing clothes or over charging

There are wonderful people that keep it so clean and when you see someone leave the attendent goes over and cleans off everything and it is ready for the next people that come in the door. It is light, airy, room to sit and read,watch tv, chat with the other patrons. Excellent. I recommend

If you need to do your laundry at 230 in the morning or make a shady deal on a well - lit public phone this is the spot to do this in.This is under.

I read the review dated 7/2006. How impressed I was! The tailor is very nice and honest. I had a suit that was too large. He asked me if I had the receipt so I could get a size smaller. He advised me that he could fix it, but it would be cheaper to just exchange it. How many business owners

Hands down the BEST dry cleaner in Lancaster county PA. Personal service, drop off (laundry bags), fix minor repairs for free (buttons etc). Best of all they make sure they do everything possible to remove a stain without damaging the article - Honest - hardworking NICE employees - I have gotten

Good, reliable dry-cleaning service. The prices are pretty good, especially for the quick turnaround. Haven't had any major issues, and I am generally.

From a satisfied customer: VERY friendly people;reasonable tailoring prices; terrific service!

You can drop off your clothes and they'll clean them, or you can wash them yourself. The only problem is that sometimes all the machines are taken.

They take excellent care of my clothes and hang my shirts and pants. The staff is friendly and my clothes came out in great shape. They only charge me a dollar per pound which definitely beats $1.50 per shirt. Plus if I want to hang out and do my own laundry they have a full arcade too.

I had him do alterations on my suits and he did an excellent job!

The folks at Murray's Cleaners are fast, friendly and reasonably priced. I've been going there for more than a year and have consistently gotten excellent.

The problem with most dry cleaners is they tend to be located in places where parking is difficult. However the great awesome thing about Four Seasons is.

When I came into the City Dry Cleaners & Tailor they were very friendly people. Its owned my a couple that works there everyday. The location of the business is easy to find and great service. The clothes when I got them dry clean were 'actually cleaned and well-pressed.' I recommend everyone

I've used them two or three times to get shirts cleaned and pressed. The place doesn't look like much but they did a good job. If you walk up 33rd St.

We tried this place for the first time. It's great. Everything works. Clean and bright with big machines. Prices are good too.

Coming back to Philly, I needed to find a place to alter/cut one pair of jeans and to patch up a rip in another pair. So I decided to try this small little.

I don't normally come to this laundromat, but the machines in my apartment had been broken for a week and I was getting desparate. Although parking can be.

Even before my washing machine randomly broke down one day, I would notice this place and its charming name while walking by with the dog. So charming.

A very charming Italian man runs this shop. I go there regularly for dry cleaning and alterations and have never been disappointed. Good prices too.

So heaven knows about the cleaning here, but tina is the goddess of denim hemming.$20 for my jeans to be hemmed with the original hem, and they look great.

Consistently great service and results. The best dry cleaner that I have found in Pittsburgh. There are also money saving coupons in the Entertainment book.

This is a really great dry cleaner! Quick, cheap, and convenient! They also do alterations!

These folks are great! They do a great job and everyone that works there is always very pleasant to deal with! Plus - they give a 25% discount if you pre-pay!

Super conviently located and quick. They can be a bit abrupt at pick up and drop off but I wonder if that's a language barrier. The one negative is that.

I really hate places that staple tags to your clothing and then do not remove them afterwards. I am still finding staples in my shirt hem and pant belt loops. I guess I do not like that they are on a paper system. I cannot keep track of all my receipts. If I've lost the receipt, they have to

I have no idea if the prices are good, but they are really nice here and go the extra mile - once when they didn't get something cleaned for me in time,.

Conveniently located in Squirrel Hill and with good hours for those of us with unpredictable hours (they open at 6 am!). They always do a good job and the.