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Friendly staff and they have a $1 off your first load of laundry.

I used their pick up and delivery service for laundry. I had gotten really backed up and had a ton of clothes that needed washing. The delivery truck arrived exactly on time to pick up the clothes and it was all ready the next day. I couldn't believe that they had gotten that amount of laundry

I have been a customer with these drycleaners for almost 3 years now. they have excellent service.especially the pressing. i HIGHLY recommend four seasons.

Peerless does not use PERK, a popular cleaning agent which has shown to cause cancer. They do THE BEST JOB dry cleaning my clothing. I have been using thier services since 1994. They launder shirts the old fashioned way (brown wrap 'em, too). They also check for loose or missing buttons, snags,

This is a CLEAN and friendly Laundromat.

I would like to personally thank everybody who came into our place of business, we really thought that fernley could use a dry-cleaner in town that actually did the work on the sight. I guess we were wrong, yes we made it for 6 years and we made new friends along the way, and we really miss

I would never recommend this place to anyone. The service is horrible. They lost some of my clothing and refused to replace it or give me credit. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!

They offer a teacher discount if you belong to NEA or the union. Just show your card for the discount.

The best cleaners,we tried others and weren't happy.They always will get it done when you want and the prices are cheap.Very satisfied!

Quick cheap quality service. First time writing review for dry cleaners but it is worth recommending.

Their alteration service is second to none. Surprisingly, it's cheaper than all the cleaners around the area. I shopped around a lot and will stay with Quality the Cleaner for my laundry and alteration services

Great cleaners. Reasonable pricing and friendly service. Owners are willing to please and courteous.

My neighborhood drycleaners is one of the first things I thought about yelping.These guys have it right. If you live within three miles, you can sign up for.

What a GREAT PLACE to do your laundry. I LOVE this place. it big, clean, has 5 tvs with direct TV. it has all different sizes of washer. they have a washer that was big enough for 4 of my comforters. it was HUGE. it has video game to play, snacks and drinks. the next door is a pizza place and

As far as cleaners go, this place is mediocre. It was $5.50 to clean a jacket and $5 to clean a skirt. I brought in a suede jacket to clean, and they told.

If you're visiting in Las Vegas and is looking for a dry cleaner, Sparkle Cleaners & Laundry is a good one to go to. First, for it's location and second,.

When I first moved to the Northwest, I had to pick a dry cleaner. I happened upon this one. I don't know if it is the cheapest in the area. I don't know.

The couple that runs this place are very nice. Cleaning comforters for $9.80 a pop is great when I have 2 dogs at home always messing mine up! They've.

I cannot stand it when dry cleaners send the clothes out to another place to have the cleaning done. Because it is inevitable: they will lose something.

They speek both english and spanish and are very friendly on the phone. they are the only laundromat to answer their phone that I have called so far in LV.

Nice average place to do your laundry. Games for kids and adults. Plus a snackbar! All they need is a little upgrade, because their other location in Reno is more attractive.

This isn't the closest dry cleaner to my house, but it's the cheapest, friendliest, and quickest. Next day service is never a problem, they've returned a.

Resonable rates.They do not dryclean at the location, which almost scares me because I fell like I'm asking for my clothes to get lost. Luckily that.

Dan Dee Dry Cleaners is the BEST dry cleaner in Las Vegas. They do a wonderful job on your clothes, friendly people who own and run it and also affordable. I moved last year to the other side of town and have NOT found a better dry cleaner. I have tried at least 5 cleaners on my side of town

Amazing! I send all of my expensive clothes to them ( St. Johns, D&G, Pucci, Brioni etc.) They also have a fur storage where I store my furs until I need them. They have removed many stains, such as wine, out of my clothes. The owners are great and everyone is extremely friendly!

We picked Royal Crest Cleaners 6 years ago because of it's proximity to the supermarket I shop and it's convenience from where we live. Royal Crest.

I am Yelping this place out of the sheer fact that the Vegas community needs some help as far as finding good services (which I'm sure there are, just not.


A very cheap cleaners in the neighborhood compared to Al Phillips, It may take more time but its worth it.

What a great laundromat! Really is the best one I've ever been to. In fact, probably the best one I've ever heard of too! They are really nice and helpful. the place is very clean and makes laundry semi-fun! Central location, spacious, friendly, affordable. what more do you need in a laundromat!

I was so excited when this place opened. Glad to finally see some dry cleaners that were a little more environmentally friendly given how harsh the chemicals are. The owner is SO friendly and the overall service is exceptional. The prices are higher than average, 4.50 for womens slacks, but

Pretty good for a small company! The owner is very down to earth and very professional.

Service was excellent and the cross streets are maryland pkwy and harmon.

City Laundry & Cleaners is under new management. They do quality laundry and dry cleaning. The staff is friendly and very helpful. I would recommend City Laundry and cleaners to anyone.

I have never had the chance to thank them for all of the work they have done for me they work so hard and are always in a great mood

I LOVE THIS PLACE. It is the best dry cleaners I've ever had. The owners name is Linda and she is wonderful! I highly recommend Andy's Cleaners!