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I've been driving around with a bag full of winter coats and sweaters for about a month now. I couldn't find any dry cleaners that looked safe to try out.

I love the fact that this laundromat is open 24 hours. I can wash in the morning before I go to work. I don't really like going at night because it's crowded and little kids run everywhere. People not watching their kids.

This is still the only place in sprinfield that hand presses shirts. First Class.

Perrigo's capet has cleaned my capret and upholstery in my home for the better part of 15 years and and im very much satisfied wiht the work that I recive from Perrigos

Hy-Vee is proof that an employee-owned store doesn't have to look like a small, hole-in-the-wall co-op with bins of organic veggies and a staff that smells.

OK I'm a little biased because I worked here all through high school before I moved away to college. That's my disclaimer.The cute couple that owns.

I work out by State Line and Wornall and tried to find a Pride cleaners out that way to press my wedding dress - silly me waited till the last minute and thought I could just do it at home.WRONG! I called a couple of the business by my office (one on 103rd and one at 8601 95th), and they were

Overall best service in the Liberty area for Dry Cleaning. Actually I'm writing from a unique angle about this Dry Cleaners, as I used to work for them briefly and now have to use Dry Cleaning because I wear a suit for my new job. But after a bad experience trying to use Fosters cleaners today

Viking Cleaners follow the customer's directions. They know how to press garmetns, how to clean silk ties, and how to bring a fine finish to laundered items

I like it because they really do the job.

I walked into this place one day to have my suit dry cleaned. There was an older man at the counter that seemed too busy talking to his friend then to ask me if I needed any help. I finally had to ask him how much it would cost to have my suit cleaned. He picked up my suit and sharply responded,

There has to be better dry cleaners out there then here. Don't trust your clothes to them they come back with worn spots from scrubbing. I could do better at home myself without having to pay. The owner is very rude and of course doesn't mess anything up(just ask him). Forget about getting

They have super big washers and dryers, clean environment, and friendly people there. They have plenty of tables to fold your clothes on, and magazines and a TV to watch. Coffee shop next door to relax while waiting. Very satisfied customer.

Nice family run business. Almost always someone there during operating hours. It is clean and they keep up on the machines. Self-serve or they will do it for you for a reasonable price. I moved out of the area and I miss that mat.

Well, I tried googling and yahoo yellow-paging the address but this place doesn't exsist in the internet. I go here sometimes because it's too expensive to.

This laundromat is often (usually) left unattended, with a cordless phone sitting prominently on the counter and a phone number to call in case of trouble.

I like laundry basket, it is comftorable and east to get around in.the ladys are very sweet as well.and i would not recamend going anywhere else but to laundry basket becouse of its outstanding service.thanks your my favoret place to wash my clothing!. bobby.

Always friendly, they've become my dry cleaner of choice since I moved to the northland. They take great care of all my dress clothes for reasonable.

I have never had any problems with anything I have taken here. Their 3 pants for $8.99 is a great deal. The only issue I have is that it took four days for.

I took all my dry-clean stuff here in college - admitedly, not that much. However, the people were friendly, the service was quick, and my items always.

Have gone their twice, once for wedding gown cleaning and another for work pants. Its on my way home from work and their hours of operation are convenient for me. Reasonably priced.

Everyone was very friendly and were very careful with our clothes. Place is so clean.

I have been taking my dry cleaning here for years for three simple reasons.1. They are cheap. 1.25 shirts and slacks.2. They do what is expected, by.

Nice Employees, Good Service, good pricing

The service was excellent, our server took lots of time with us, she made sure as best she could that we were happy. The food was mediocre at best, lacking flavor or variety.

New owner,or supervisor doesn't give much care to employees. Looks to top dollar, not dependabilty or fortitude. Lacks the old school merit of how to treat employees. Some of there work is below par.

Nice place, good service. locally, family owned. not a chain. better than american and 1st quality - cheap places. not as high end as marquards. but not nearly as expensive either. tucked away in less traffic spot, which makes easy in / out.

The Westport Laundromat is weird. In a good way There are, pardon the pun, loads of machines, so you almost never have to wait. There are change machines as.

Jan and her husband took over ownership in March. She and her 6 month old son run the place- Lots of fun talking to her and playing with her son. She keeps the place very clean- best to go between 8am to 10pm when there is an attendant. The mat is open 24hrs but unattended during the night.

I found out about Pleats after they put an Ad on my front door (ironic because I typically throw these away without reading them). They offer free pick up.

Swyden is by far the best dry cleaner I've ever done business with. If you've spent your hard earned money on finer clothes, definitely take the best care.

Organic Dry Cleaners! I LOVE these guys! Don't you hate putting on a sweater that smells like chemicals? Me too, but the wonderful folks at Cardinal.

Racist establishment. i thought midtown businesses were open to all people, but they have it out for whitey. i don't know what happened to these people; they used to be great, but now they are not friendly towards whites. I hadn't seen it until recently, but was victim to it recently. sad day.

Had a great experience the service was friendly and fast. I had some mending done and the dry cleaning was included in the cost. You can not beat the prices with the coupons which are downloadable

Leawood Village Cleaners is a great place to get clothes dry-cleaned quickly, high quality and affordably. The family that runs the cleaners is very.

I kept coming to this place not only for their free lollipops but also for their customer service. The third time I came to patch my favorite pair of.

The prices are not the cheapest in town, but you get what you pay for. The service is fast. They do dry cleaning, laundry, and alterations. After you're sick of the lousy cleaning at other places, give this joint a shot.

They have personal service and always remember who i am. from beaded garments to my jeans i have always been pleased. I would never go any where else

These guys are great! Always friendly and honest, perfect downtown location and excellent service!

The manager IS very polite and helpful here and nice to speak with. Their work is first-class too.

After searching for many, many years for a reliable dry cleaner, about a year ago, we stumbled upon this little hidden jewel in Affton. It's hard to miss.

Very clean and attendant was very friendly (he walked me through the facility). Plenty of washers and dryers, including front loading and heavy duty (for larger loads like comforters). Close to a Quiznos and CVS so you can take care of errands while you wash. He showed me an award that he had

This is a family business that is run very professionally, yet they remember your name each time you enter their doors. I love this place the owner has a welcoming and kind disposition and I am VERY satisfied with the quality and value of the services they provide. Three years after my former

A man can be picky about his shirts. This palce is always on the tee and has never screweed up on my order. What I really aprpeciate is the way my shirts.

Best Cleaners In Kansas City Great Service and Quality! Free Pick-up and Delivery

Just like the 103'rd st location. Super duper awesome job on dry cleaning.Keep in min the place has been open since 1919. that's NINE decades!A whole.