Minnesota Dry Cleaner Reviews

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My wife and I use both the St. Paul (Grand Avenue) and this Minneapolis location regularly. Great service, fair price, top-notch quality!

My experience at Sel-Dale was nothing short of exceptional. I have very little experience at laundromats, so I was a little timid upon walking in the door. I'm a single mom and a college student, and I had my son with me at the time. In other words, money is tight and I needed guidance with

Good Price, above average cleaning quality, not very fast service

Fast and efficient. They also do shoe repair, which is hard to find! They repaired one of my high heel black boots for me and didn't even charge me.

The laundromat is always clean and the staff are always freindly, helpful and smiling.

Good drycleaners with quick turnaround and competitive prices.

These guys rock my world! They are friendly, quick, and very reasonably priced. I had one very minor hiccup and they handled it very quickly and.

This is a wonderful place to go. My dog has had accidents on my king size down comforter. I was so upset because I thought it was ruined. So I went to this laundromat to wash it and prayed that it wouldn't get ruined. On arrival into the laundromat I was greeted by the nice man that works there.

Very nice set-up with TV's, folding tables, hanging carts, connected tanning salon, video games and touch-screen counter game console. Numerous fairly modern machines. Nice staff, safe neighborhood. My only complaint is that I showed shortly after 9 (since the hours say 11PM) but the doors

Reasonably priced dry cleaning. Mom & Pop-type place where they always ask if their projected finish date is acceptable. Try their damdest to get out.


Always fast, always friendly. My dress shirts come back lightly starched and perfectly pressed, saving me the trouble of trying to iron them in my novice.

So, I have this coat.I bought it as a present to myself several years ago as a personal reminder to not be taken advantage of anymore by magnetic-asshole.

Very professional, FRIENDLY service. I've been using this company for years and never had any problems. In dry cleaning, as long as the shirts are firmly pressed and the buttons aren't broken, then it's a good service. This place does it right.

The owners here are incredble! They salvaged a very unique & dear-to-me coat after the expensive cleaners almost ruined it. I consulted with them on a.

Clean, professional, organized front desk. Pretty quick turnaround.I think the prices are high, but then, I think that about all drycleaners. They won't.

This hole in the wall place is actually one of the best dry cleaners in the Twin Cities according to a decorator friend who is a fabric expert. We had.

They know me by name. They have same day service and they don't lose my clothes. That is all I need. I like. Try them out.

Not luxury, but the cheapest place to get your dry cleanning done. coupons online.

Lamac provides a great dry cleaning and laundry experience. The work they do is above expectations. They are responsive to timeline demands and always do.

Waldorf-Nevens has saved so many of my clothes. I started going to them when I bought a used, vintage prom dress from Rag Stock and needed to have it.

This is the best laundromat in uptown, they got free wifi, its near soho for a slice of 'Za and they are always freindly. Make sure to bring something to.

Ultra Wash coin laundry is fabulous! So quick and clean, also great customer sevice! One thing you may not know about this place is that they also have tanning, how impressive!

I love that they don't use harmful/toxic chemicals. They are one of the few dry cleaners in town that use a green cleaning method. I thought they were very.

I am always happy with the great quality and fast service here. She fixes all my ripped clothes that I have no idea how to mend.

I have never had to wait to use a machine plus there are attendants there 24/7. It is open 24/7 and it's clean. Good Place!

Much improved over the last few years. New machines are being installed, the owner talked about the new flooring and folding tables that are coming, and it is very safe with all of the new security features now.

It's a little ghetto but the job gets done. Need clean clothes? Do it yourselfer attitude/budget? Bring em on down!

Stop in to do your laundry.You could go next door for a drink, but then someone would likely steal your underjuerez.Better just play karate champ while.