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You don't have to worry about how your clothes will return from here. I've dropped off tons of shirts, sweaters, slacks, and suits. Every time it comes back perfect.

Quite a nice dry cleaner!This place is quite quick, and quite cheap. And I have not found anything to complain about- everything has come back, and been in.

This is the only place that I will take my suits to get cleaned. Very good attention to detail.Good prices. They even pickup my clothes for me. Can you believe that they have been here in the city for four generations now? I wish I found out about them earlier.

Until recently, I never sent clothing to the cleaners. Moving to Lowell with a new job, I found myself wanting my shirts to look clean, crisp and.

Scorch marks on my husbands shirts and bleach stains on his suit jacket, what more do I need to say? Use at your own risk, they take no responsibility.

My boss referred me to this cleaner and I love it! Large, clean, organized, and super friendly. I took a dress in to have the bow sewn properly that had.

I've been with the big chain, SPARKLE is far above them. Sparkle is committed to satisfaction and cares about their service. I refuse to go anywhere else.

Hands down the best dry cleaners I have ever been to! Yes, they are expensive, but so are my clothes! To me, they are worth EVERY PENNY! Sadly, I have moved.

This is a great local business. I've been using them for dry cleaning and tailoring for a few years with great results. They are always friendly and helpful.

Other than that it's a nice clean place.

These guys are great. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Your dry-cleaning is ready when they say it will be. And the delivery service is convenient, flexible, and free. The best in Haverhill!

Just moved to Boston, I just picked up my two altered robes, Nice tailing. To make it shorter, each robe charge $20. The cleaner's staff are very friendly. I have very good experience there.

I'm one of the owners. We love hearing your comments and suggestions about our place. Good and bad! Please let us know if there's anything we can do to.

$18 to dry clean a suit and pants and 4 days to get it back to me, unnacceptable

Very happy with the service and the dependability. Prices are competitive with my previous cleaner.

Talk about dedication? Lee lives in Boston where he commutes to/from every day except Sunday. He knows everyone's name and as you're coming through the door, he has half the slip written. When picking up, he knows your car and as you enter, he is in the back getting your cloths. Lee is AMAZING?

Simply put, J & D cleaners gets the job done. They are reasonably priced, they clean down comforters and pillows, and they don't sell, keep, or give away.

Quik & Clean is the nicest laundromat in the area. It is always clean and has new machines that are never down. They have four color TV's and air condition in the summer. They also do wash, dry and fold that is second to none. I rate this place the best ever.

I have been going to Ma's Dry Cleaning for years and the people there are great they always get your clothes back on time and they look great.

I am please to be ble to write in recommendation of STAR CLEANING. They have worked for me for the past 5 years and have proven to be reliable and thorough in their approach to providing cleaning services for my home and office. Gercy and her crew are honest and hardworking. Our experience

I have been using this dry cleaner for at least 6 years now. Ownership has changed but fortunately Harry has remained! He is a gem! Always remembers me and.

Gets my stuff clean, when I want it, no funky chemical smells, easy drop-off and pick-up. Everything you would want in a dry cleaner! The couple who owns.

WOW! Years ago I went to this place and it was an absolute disaster! The place was a mess, dirty and pretty scary. I'm in the major construction mode.

I know it seems crazy to get so enthusiastic over a dry cleaner but this place is GREAT! The owner ( I don't know her name) is so friendly and personable.

They are not the cheapest, but they provide solid service, especially for expensive clothes and suits.

There isn't a lot you need from a dry cleaner.take my clothes, return them to me ideally in better condition than I left them, don't charge me an arm and.

I took a suit, a sport coat, and two pairs of my pants in to be cleaned. When I picked up said articles of clothing, they were cleaned and pressed. Ah, a.

Fabulous service. and expert alterations. I don't even live in Massachusetts anymore but still take my clothes to them for alterations. They are professional and have a small business feel. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my clothes.

I actually hate to write this because once people know how fabulous he is I'm afraid he won't have time for me, but I just love his work (and him he's the.

I take all my dry cleaning here (not that there's much of it). They are very professional and do an awesome job. Plus, they have drive through pick up and.

Dooley's is great. the people are always friendly and the gentleman who is in charge is awesome. He hems my pants and caters to the time-frame that you need stuff done by. Prices are very fair and reasonable! It's a wonderfully-run business.

Happy Cleaners is the most dependable, professional and timely dry cleaning service in West Boylston. The staff is friendly and always greets with a smile.

Dont use this taylor. They ruined a $600 suit, and also got 5 other pair of pants wrong. I asked for them to assist in paying for the items to try to be salvaged and fixed by another taylor and they refused to honor that request.

Great place to wash u'r clothes. Tons of different load washers and dryers. Located in a great spot. Don't have to worry about u'r clothes not being safe there, I've never had problems or anything and the owner is a wicked down to earth guy

The people are super friendly and my clothes are always ready when expected - if not before! :)

As a young working professional, I have frequented Super Cleaners in Southborough for two years. The staff are friendly and extremely dependable. They removed stains flawlessly (and repeatedly) from my beige jacket and my clothing was always very well taken care of. Even if you don't live right

This cleaners is excellent. If they cannot get your stain out noone can. They are friendly fast and efficient. You get what you pay for here. They are a little pricey, but the shirts are white, and not dingy, and if I am going to get it cleaned I am going to get it done right.

Very good dry cleaner.Same day service in both dry cleaning and laundry.

I recently moved from sunny San Diego to Groton and was in need of a cleaners/tailor. On my way to Donalon Grocery I saw that Groton Cleaners was right next door. I walked in and met the most heart-warming woman that greeted me. The people go out of their way to please the client. I will never

I find Hillside laundry to be great! I use the drop off service frequently (yes my husband knows who does the laundry) everything is hung and folded to perfection. I don't understand the negative coments from(guess who) but the place is so much brighter and and sooooo much cleaner. I use to

This laundromat is clean, always attended and has plenty of parking! They have only the Big dryers, plus an extractor to save you money on drying your jeans and towels! Also have trible, doubles and top loaders!

Cheaper than dryclean pros by at least a dollar on each item, friendy service, love them

When you think of Mustafa you probably remember the Lion King. Now I think of the Egyptian king of North Cambridge laundry, Mustafa, and his queen Monica.

Cindy Lee, Bright Town's charming owner, ALWAYS has a cheery smile when you walk in the door. I had her alter several pairs of Seven and Hudson jeans and.

Finally! After living in a variety of apartments for 11 years, I've had quite the evil relationship with laundromats. Basically I hate them, they hate me.

This is a great neighborhood and family-owned business. Prices are very reasonable, service is personal and friendly. They also do very good alterations.

I am lazy and have accepted it. If I could afford to have all my clothes dry cleaned here I would. The people who ring me up are always courteous. They.

The service is good, and the location is great, however the price is a little stiff.

Ah, the dry cleaners, good times. I didn't realize how damn expensive they were out in the burbs. In Southie, we'd bring in 3/4 of our closet, and pay about.

I have been doing business there for years and have been very satisfied. They are very competive priced and do a high quality job.