Kentucky Dry Cleaner Reviews

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I have used this establishment for a little over a year. I have had no complaints. The service is quick and professional. Your laundry is either put on hangers or folded perfectly and put into a plastic storage bag to await pick up. The cost is also low. I have been recommending Carousel Laundry

This dry cleaner is way too expensive. Mediocre service and overpriced. Look to go somewhere else.

Truly professional service. Provided assistance in locating potential repair help when I brought in some antique linens that were beyond the scope of their services.

Now, I'm not sure any establishment could live up to such a great name as The Wash Haus. That said, this laundry place was pretty mediocre as laundry.

Great and Friendly Service! Love the Drive Thru service! Been doing business here for years and never had any problems with any of my cleaning. Highly Recommended!

Located in a vintage building, this cleaner is within walking distance of Newport on the Levee. The staff is always friendly and personable and the prices.

Since my regular dry cleaners (Atlas in Newport, which has excellent customer service by the way) has to send suede out, I took a turquoise suede jacket.

I had two quilts dry cleaned there and they did a fantastic job. They picked up my order and delivered without any hassles and I feel the quality of the job is better than Rainbow Cleaners-not to mention less expensive. Kudos!

Consistent, friendly dry-cleaners with a handy drive through. Takes all plastic. Good starch ratio. They will remove the clamp marks off your shirts if you ask. Spring for the perma-crease option on your pants (or whatever they call the crease stuff). Take my dress clothes here once a week.

The lady was very nice and polite to me. AND IT WAS CHEAP

I put my coats into this cleaner to have them cleaner not only did they not clean them they ruined 2 of the 5 coats I put in there. They shrunk from a full size to a child size coat. I would never recommend this company nor use it again, When I ask to speak to the manager he told them to tell

I have been using Newport Cleaners for a couple of years - They do a quality job and you cannot beat the price ( $2.50 per item ). Worth trying - Keep the Great Job Up - It is nice to get good service, a quality job and at a very reasonable price! Thanks Newport.

Great service and very good staff! If you get your clothes dropped off in the morning, they will be ready that evening after 5pm.

I think their prices are the lowest in town.I only paid $2.50 per item. Newport Cleaners, I will go back for sure. Clean shop,quick service, quality job.

I wish these places would list days and hours of operation.

Great place to wash your clothes, however, the dryers are so hot that twice I have burned a clothes basket full of white clothes, and it burned the clothes and the basket all up. Make sure you let your clothing cool off before you put it in your laundry baskets.

I love the fluff and fold. Dropping off my laundry allows me to get other things done, while friendly staff wash, dry and fold my clothes. What a time saver!

It is an one hour dry cleaners. I have taken many clothes there to have various things done to them and no matter what I had done it has always been throughly done! I recommend this dry cleaners to everyone in town.

The Hillview Coin Laundry has been around for a long time, one of the first stores in Maryville back in the 1970s. The map is wrong, the store is in the shopping center on the corner of Hillview Blvd and Preston Hwy. Not a bad place to do your washing, and they have drop-off too.

A great dry cleaner if you are looking for quality. They have special treatments for leather and suede that are great if you are looking for specialty dry.