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I've been using this location for a couple of years. The staff is friendly. I have not had any problems with the cleaning of anything. I did have to ask that a replacement button be sewn onto a vest and that took 2 trips to accomplish. I have used this location and will continue to use them.

I always go to Sparkle. They give you old fashioned quality and value! They go the extra mile in taking care of your garment. They wrap any fancy buttons to make sure they are not damaged durring the process, as well as being extremly honest and helpful as to if they can get the stain out or

Since I am an Environmental Services Professional at a hospitle within our community, I have had the opportunity to deal with Pearl Laundry & Cleaners not only in a professional manner but also personal manner as well. Pearl Laundry & Cleaners has been doing my shirts, suites, etc. for years

I just moved here and found Concord right down the road from where I live. I must say that I have not had one single problem. The staff is friendly and courteous and remembers my name. Now that is service

Starcrest is always reliable, fast, and reasonably priced, which is all you can ask for in a good dry cleaner.Or is it?We've also had great luck with.

They offer quicker service than competitors, though the location is hard to access because it's next to a grocery store. There's five-minute parking right outside the door but it's hard to get to if you're in a hurry.

While working in New Albany for three weeks, I had to take my clothes to Star Cleaners. One shirt received some stains from someone else's clothing but because I had to make a couple of trips to the cleaners the owner offered to charge me nothing as a result of my trouble. The bill was more

Absolutely horrible. It should not take an entire week to clean one item. And when a business says that an item will be ready for pick up on a specific date and time, it should be ready. I needed this dress done by a certain date and I was out of luck because they kept pushing the pick up date

Service is awesome! Very professional staff, cleaned and pressed garments for cheap! They even offer same day service for no additional charge.

Same ting every time I get my shirts done here, a clean and crisp white shirt.If i wore a hat i would take it off to Sam Sing and his merry band of shirt cleaning heros. If i had a wife she would thank you also.

I took a dress here to be cleaned, and they lost it. I have been getting the runaround from these people for over a month! I know that I will never see that dress again, and they will never have my business again. What a horrible way to run a business. You lost the dress, now pay for it! I

Very nice people. Fast and excellent service. Would take my business there again.


I've only had my clothes dry cleaned here a few times, and they do a great job! The staff is friendly and they were able to get a big ugly stain out of one.

Clean. Working. Friendly. A nice place to do laundry!

Great service, very clean, and the staff is so nice!

Good service and quality. If you get the laundry in by 12:00 noon, you can pick it up next day after 4:00 pm. They have coupons for 25% of dry cleaning. These coupons are available on the back on Strack grocery bill located on Taft Street.

Love the prices and the quick return on laundry items! They always put your articles in convenient little carrying bags or hangers.

The problem i have with this place is that the machines will not accept quarters that have special desings on them(like state quarters).I think that is pretty ridiculus since so many quarters nowadays are like that.Other than that its a decent place to do your laundry.Its fairly clean and well

Your laundry is the friendliest in town and I will always do my laundry here. Your laundry is very clean and accessible for me. Thanks

I found the place to be very clean. All the machines work and are new. They have tv and vending machines.

I was very impressed with the friendliness of the staff at this facility. I had a suit that i needed to wear to a funeral. They were very easy going and glad to put a rush on it so i could have it ASAP. Thank You

Great trustworthy cleaners. They did a fabulous job with my wedding dress.

Hmm. First off, I give them 4 out of 5 stars since the 11th street location is only a week-day drop-off site - everything is sent to the northside.

Nice helpful attendants,very clean and bright laundry mat. dryers are awsome.

Tuchman cleaners has fair prices and real fast service. There are always coupons available, so keep a look out. They are located next to Fusek's True Value.

Good turnaround and decent prices mark this successful, locally-owned outfit that's extended its reach from Indy to northern enclaves of Carmel and Fishers.

I have a tanning package there.I have been 4 times in the past 3 weeks only to find the same note on the door Closed due to Personal Business.I guess they don't want my personal business anymore. Now I'm wondering if I'm out $$ on my tanning package. Also, when they were actually open, their

Owner Joan and her staff will take great care with your clothes here.They are full service and provide alterations as well as cleaning just about anything.

The ladies at Deering (I have yet to see a Man in the front at all) have always been very helpful and accommodating to my ridiculous schedule. Whether it.

I took in a very delicate gown that got very dirty. they did a fabulous job cleaning it. mrs. deering took personal care of it and i received it on time. i would recommend this place to anyone who wants personal service.

I love this place. I have been doing laundry there for probably 3 years or so now. Like most laundromats, it always has an interesting crowd in there, so.

After trying many dry cleaners on the west side, Lee wins hands down. Clothes come out perfect!

Ruined my brand new shirt and wouldn't do anything about it. The worst customer service and workmanship I've ever seen from a cleaner. Horrid, horrid, horrid!

This place is great! It is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Their prices are reasonable, and their megabeds are awesome, they get you really dark! Last but not least the staff is very friendly!

It's not the coziest atmosphere if you are just there for tanning, but it's affordable and their beds are clean. Each room is also themed.

Okay. I've decided to take a stand on Courtesy. Yes, I think their prices on pants are a little steep, but it's apparantly reasonable relative to the.

I take all my dry cleaning to P & J dry cleaners. I receive promp service for a fair price. The woman that owns the store, runs it and she is very nice. I really like the fact that she owns/works there, as I am very much for the little man or small business owner. Much better than going to

For your dry cleaning needs visit the good people over at Discount Cleaners. Professional staff. Garments are always back in a timely manner. 2for2 days are on Tues. Wed. and Thurs. Tell them Nicole sent ya.

This is a wonderful company. Our home was hit by lightning and they came and picked up our clothing, bedding, drapes, etc. within 24 hours. The two gentlemen were very professional and sympathetic to our situation. Since the cleaning process takes several weeks, they also took an emergency