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Who needs rush services when you can have route service. If you don't have to think about your dry cleaning then you won't need to rush it to the cleaners at the last minute. We love this services give it a try you won't regret it.

They have done a great job at cleaning all my stuff. I needed alterations and was very happy with there service. The 1 day service is very helpful because sometimes I am in a rush. They always have coupons lurking around so that brings down the prices far below any other cleaners I have found.

They pressed my suits wrong, the legs were off from the original line in the fabric creating a double fold all the way down the legs. The pockets were pressed wrinkled up and were very hard to get to lay flat with a regular iron after. One item was pressed at too high of heat and had discoloration.

Over priced, slow, horrible customer service. They ruined my blouse, took it back to 'fix it' then it took over a month to finally get a hold of them to find out where my blouse was, they would not return my calls, answer their phone and the 'manager' was never 'in' to speak to me. At the

Waste of time and missing articles of clothing. I'll do my own laundry, thank you!

They are the very best! Cleaning comes back looking like new. Great VIP service and pickup and delivery, plus a friendly and helpful staff. ES

Very friendly, great prices, great job! The alteration service is also great. I've never had a problem with my dry cleaning or alterations. Even though I have moved and do not live or work nearby, this is the only place I'll take my dry cleaning and alterations!

This is a great service I love it. I like the driver too, He is HOT.

This place is the best in the area. I had my shirts cleaned for the past 2 months (moved here from Texas) and just like the day I bought them, they return clean and fresh. The owner and his wife are the nicest people and very professional. I can sense that they are genuine and caring people.


This used to be my cleaners when I worked out at the nearby GB3. I used them for nearly two years and never had a problem. They always folded heavy sweaters.

Doing laundry is not my favorite thing to do, but I enjoy my experiences at da house of suds. the place is neat, they have cool posters on the wall, the water gets really HOT, and there is always nice music playing. I have met the owner and he seems like a nice guy.

This place is nice. Friendly english speaking staff, Alteration are excellent. Shirts are crisp.

I happily take all of my dry clean-able clothes here because their service is quick and cheap and i really trust them with my delicates. The owner is so.

I love this service. they are always on time. and they do a great job for a great price

Very Helpful when I called and they are open until around 9:00om

Also an excellent service to it's customers is a great necktie selection of up to date high quality neckties available ar about 25% of department store prices!

So far, so good. My test for Modesto Steam was a suit I had from college, almost 10 years ago, that, shall we say, needed some help.Service was.

You get more than what you are paying for here. Greenearth location from the same owners as the 3003 Highland Avenue location.

I got great service at Geen Leaf Cleaners! They were fast and friendly. My colthes looked great and there was no wierd chemical smeels and best of all they're cheaper than the other guys. I found my new favorite dry cleaners.

They are helpful and friendly. One time my husband needed a suit cleaned overnight, and they did it when no one else in town would.the owner even came in early the next morning for us to pick it up so we could be on time for our event.

I have been a regular customer at their Huntington Beach location for years. Never disppointed with their quality and service, especially with our most expensive garments. The owners are very customer oriented and always there to exceed customer expectations. I could have gone to other cleaners

For men's starched shirts this is the best place, probably in LA. They even put new collar stays in every shirt, every time and the pressing is the best I've seen anywhere in LA. AND, the friendliest staff. A tad on the pricy side though, about $1.65 per shirt. They are almost always open -

Experience Services and Qualities. You will be PLEASED very much.

I started going to Fresh Start Cleaners at the begining of 2006. I did have one shirt come back with some stains still left on it. When I pointed the problem out Bob took the shirt back to have it re-done with no questions asked and no extra charge either. I find the store very friendly and

This laundry is very clean and diverse. It has plenty of parking and is a safe enviroment for families. I would reccommend their wash/dry service!

I really like the idea of having a dry cleaner that was located so close to my place I could walk to it. Oh those were the days. What's even better was.

My wife had forgotten to take a dress in that she needed the next day for a wedding we were attending. I took in the dress on a Saturday morning and it was ready by 1:00PM! Thank you for your excellent and very prompt service!

My mom needed an alteration of her dress to wear at my cuson's wedding. th dress were so complex so seamstress refuse to do something. in this cleaners, the owner just said yes with no time. And it turned out great. My mom is very happy.

This cleaners is clean and organized. They do a good job and have great service. They fixed my loose hem and replaced a couple of missing shirt buttons without charging me. WOW.

High-end cleaners can't clean clothes like this place; and the amazing thing is that the prices are so low. Best of all, this small cleaners has been run by the same person for over 20 years and it's always service with a smile. It really is My Favorite Cleaners.

The first time we went they gave me a cool bag for my dry cleaning. I have never seen customer service like this before. It is always a pleasure to bring my families clothes in.

Convenient location and friendly staff.i have been a fan of Lapels since they first opened up here in Pomona. Never had a problem with clothes there.

Great service! Great prices! I've used several local cleaners and nobody provides the convenience of At Your Door, at lower prices. I also like that At Your Door is using environmentally friendly processing. My co-workers and I cannot believe we didn't find this service sooner.

He will clean your wedding dress and box it for major $$$ He will tell you your wedding gown was preserved and will last for your children. All he does it put it in a box! he does not preserve it like it's suppose to be.I asked the ONLY place that does them in Stockton and they told me how

This is the best cleaner in town. they have a great price for cleaning. there coustomer service is execllent. everybody should try them to compaire with other cleaner prices.

Julie's Cleaners has to be a one of a kind alteration/cleaners, Julie is so kind and such a professional, haven't seen a seamstress/designer like this before. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and everyone who is looking for alterations/cleaners. Thanks Julie! Your the best!

Wow! Bright Cleaners is the only dry cleaning business that I trust with my fabrics. My clothes come back so nicely pressed and I love their can't beat prices. Thanks Bright Cleaners!

Been customer for 10 years with not one complaint

You just can't beat the price and the quick turn around time!

Always prompt pick-up and return and everything looks great. I highly recomend!

The best cleaner I've ever used. They use the GreenEarth products, non-toxic cleaning solutions. If you're happened to be in the Antelope/Roseville area, visit this cleaner for all of your dirty clothes to clean in an hour while you shop at Wincos right next. Highly recommend!

Its hard to get such a good service at such a low price. Will keep on using them.

I'v been taking my Dress Shirts & my wife's clothing to be cleaned and cared for almost 4 years now 2/08. The job theu do is always professinoally done to our satisfaction.On time and thoughtful. At fair prices. Try them you'll see what I'm trying to say. Big Daddy 02/28/08

I had a man's suit, 2 piece, cleaned. It cost $15. I thought that was excessive, but I haven't checked around to compare. They did do a good job on cleaning the suit.

We have used dry cleaning to-your-door for a few years now and they provide top notch quality and customer service.

Every time I visit this dry cleaners, I walk away a happier person. The owners are the happiest, kindest people! Plus, they do a great job. More often.

Friendly service, great hours, easy parking and reasonable prices. I'm always pleased with every garment they clean and love the warm and friendly service.

This is my regular dry cleaner. They do excellent work and the price is not too bad. My clothes are clean and well pressed, I have never been.

OK, I have to admit I have never been to this business. However, I live in Lincoln, and pass by it all the time. Every time I do I have to laugh at the.