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I ordered a press from Chriss Hoover's new company called I wired him the money and I never recieved my press. I am presently filling charges, if anyone else has had dealings with this person give me a call. Kelly's Fashion Dry Cleaners, Tifton, Georgia.

Do Not buy from this company. Said products had been tested, when delivered they did not work. A boiler and a air compressor. Said he would pay for repairs, of course he did not.

Our company tried renting a period steam press from It's Yours For Less for a major film shoot in NYC. They took our payment and failed to meet our deadline. A press was never delivered to us nor was any money refunded. We reached out to Chris multiple times via calls, texts and emails - no

My husband's shirts have never looked better. We thought that his shirts were good from our old cleaner, we can never go back. We are so happy we made the switch. The customer service is excellent.

Well explanation of the process by Florida air duct cleaners & AC specialist: Last week I got my duct replaced, I was impressed by the way your serviceman carries on duty as they were not only getting it replaced but also explaining along what they are doing next.

Amazing services by Florida air duct cleaners. The affordable prices that too without any compromises in the service quality had made it all the more special for me.

The best thing I like about Florida air duct cleaners is that I donít have to worry about any issues related to my cooling system. Itís just once I call them and the rest is automatically taken care by their service man. It has been few times now that they have been handling my services and

I will rate those 9 on the scale of 10 for their services. I must say that the owner takes utmost care of the minute details also to provide the best on customer services. The company has A to Z cooling related solutions and the trained staff is ready to service round the clock for their customers.

Who needs rush services when you can have route service. If you don't have to think about your dry cleaning then you won't need to rush it to the cleaners at the last minute. We love this services give it a try you won't regret it.

Friendly staff and they have a $1 off your first load of laundry.

Here are the simple facts and reason for the above review: 1. The owner is opportunistic and take every attempt to profit at your expense. 2. I am a repeat customer, and have spent $600+ in dry cleaning at their locations. 3. Once, a $150 Facconable shirt was damaged in their folder,

Dry Clean City Cary has been in business since 1999 and is the best cleaner in North Carolina. You can go to www-DryCleanCitync-com and receive coupons and discounts anytime. Located at 951 High House Rd. Cary ... I would go no were else for your professioal cleaning needs. A Professional

They have done a great job at cleaning all my stuff. I needed alterations and was very happy with there service. The 1 day service is very helpful because sometimes I am in a rush. They always have coupons lurking around so that brings down the prices far below any other cleaners I have found.

They pressed my suits wrong, the legs were off from the original line in the fabric creating a double fold all the way down the legs. The pockets were pressed wrinkled up and were very hard to get to lay flat with a regular iron after. One item was pressed at too high of heat and had discoloration.

Over priced, slow, horrible customer service. They ruined my blouse, took it back to 'fix it' then it took over a month to finally get a hold of them to find out where my blouse was, they would not return my calls, answer their phone and the 'manager' was never 'in' to speak to me. At the

Not your typical cleaners. They really go out of their way to set themselves apart from the competition, down to the little details, including free button on my shirts! They came in quite handy when I realized I forgot mine at home while on a business trip. Way to go, Nancy.

Buyer beware! There are plenty of other dry cleaners in the area. I advise you steer clear of this one. I found this dry cleaning company on Google maps and decided I would give them a try. Bad move. I figured I would test them out before entrusting them to all of my work clothing. I gave

Excellent dry cleaners, great customer service, great tailoring.

They ruined 2 of my brand new named brand shirts that I needed for a meeting in NYC. And lost my pants that matched my blazer. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!

These people saved my wardrobe! Afrer my apartment flooded I called Soapy to clean my clothes etc. that got ruined. They picked up and deliverd my clothes back and folded 48 hours later. Awesome job guys!

These people are fabulous. My hobby is vintage clothing and costumes, so some of what I bring in is both rare and delicate. The folks at Campus Cleaners always treat it gently. I will never take my fine clothing anywhere else. Any time I've tried, it takes have the life off the garment! I've

I have been using Victors for a long time now, and the service get better each visit! I highly recommend Victors!

I've been to this Goodwill several times. I always leave with a feeling of regret for having wasted my time. The prices are too high for a store that is selling donated items. I understand they have overhead, but so do other thrift stores that don't overcharge customers. I am disappointed.

Neat and tidy. $2.50 machines increase in price as you add options, ie, hot water, perm press, etc. Dryers are large and heat well. Lots of counter space machines plentiful. Short on aisle space. Attendant on duty. Seems like a real good value. I will go back so, highly recommend this business.

Tripp's always does a fabulous job! If, and that is a big if, they don't get something right they always will correct the problem to my complete satisfaction! I will always be a loyal Tripp's customer!

They are by far the best dry cleaners in the area. I've brought my suit on short notice and they always have it ready for me. The employees are nice, friendly and very helpful. I've brought my suit to two different dry cleaners in brookings and was disappointed both times, the drive to Sioux

This location is very clean.the prices are very good.owned by the same person.good for the community

Excellent, excellent service! I had a last minute change in my order and they were more than happy to accomodate my request. The staff was so easy to work with and so helpful! I will definitely be using this company again!

Nice service, low price, best place to do business

I went to use the laundry mat side on Saturday Sept. 20th, 2008 and found that the machine that I had used was filthy and it left my clothes with laundry scum all over them. It was nasty. When I tried to bring the problem to the attention of the attendants they snickered and joked to each other

DO NOT GO HERE! THEY WILL RUIN YOUR CLOTHES! I brought in my $150 wool winter coat and it came back in the same condition as when I brought it in. They didn't even clean it! And whoever cleaned it ruined it! They didn't know what they were doing and shaved one spot of my coat down. Then they

The folks at Cleaners At Work must like their jobs. they are always pleasant and make me feel special. They have been doing our dry cleaning for a few years now and just did an oriental rug. My service man was on time and the rug came out beautiful!

This is one of the best places to do laundry in town. They do not even charge for drying. They are open 24 hours a day so when I am done studying late at night I can still get up there and do laundry. The tanning is not very busy so I can get in and out fast. I love the fact that I can tan


This cleaners does a decent job and you can NOT beat the price. One note - if there is a stain or spot, be sure to point out the area and them them note it on the ticket, otherwise, they don't spot check as well as some other places I've used. Overall - I recommend them though!

Good place to hang out It's a good vibe if your there on the right night which is Fridays, or if you have a good size crew hangin with ya. The owner is chill so thats a plus.

I love Jennie!Jennie ROCKS! Missing button? No problem. Need it when? No problem and one of the most honest business people I know. Accidentally.

Great experience! I dropped by with a pair of interview pants that needed shortening. Five minutes, one chalk line, a verbal agreement to pick them up later.

Over 15 years of wonderful service from a great staff. They always meet your needs hasselfree and are really nice to talk with. I couldn't be happier with any other service than I have been with Sun. They always knew how to sew on most of the acouterments on my uniforms and it was a job well

I spilled inkjet printer ink on my pants. They got it out completely without fading the pants. Very satisfied.

I used their pick up and delivery service for laundry. I had gotten really backed up and had a ton of clothes that needed washing. The delivery truck arrived exactly on time to pick up the clothes and it was all ready the next day. I couldn't believe that they had gotten that amount of laundry

The folks who work there are very friendly and get to know you. I feel like they really know how I like my clothes.

A small company in which the employees are endeavoring to make an impact by their service. These are individuals who are honest, reliable and confidential. The aim of this company is to serve with a smile and nothing is too hard or impossible. A Bee R.A.G.S. serve lower Westchester, Bronx,

I've been driving around with a bag full of winter coats and sweaters for about a month now. I couldn't find any dry cleaners that looked safe to try out.

A+A cleaners was fast, efficient and the staff was friendly and courteous. 3 ingredients for a successful business. Conveniently located on Hanover St., off.

The woman who runs this place is kind of a hot mess. It takes her a couple of days to finish your clothes, and if you seem rushed about getting them back,.

For no other reason than the fact that they have same day service and open at 7am. Imagine 'dat in New Orleans!

Uses a unique solar heat system to pre-heat wash water. The sun's energy is absorbed by an array of four roof-top collectors that supplements use of conventional fuel. In combination with efficient and modern clothes washing equipment, this clean and pleasant laundromat represents an efficient

You don't have to worry about how your clothes will return from here. I've dropped off tons of shirts, sweaters, slacks, and suits. Every time it comes back perfect.