This cleaning process is more than an ecologically safe alternative to perc. It is actually better for fabrics. And that's not just our opinion, it's science. You see solvents are not strong or weak on their own. They are only a carrier. Their "strength" is measured by how well they work in combination with additives to dissolve the materials that need to be dissolved without dissolving the materials that need to be protected.

There is actually a complex formula, called the Teas diagram. What you really need to know is that Starcrest Cleaning solvent doesn't work alone, it is part of a specially designed cleaning system with detergents and machine programs.

The magic of this cleaning system is the unique way it has been designed to work with dry cleaning machines to remove stains and soil from fabric fibers without "touching" them. Think of it as having the ability to extract dirt with out wear and tear to the fabric that it would get spinning around a cylinder. Through specific testing, we have perfected the programs to run the machines. Result - a cleaning system that loosens and removes soil particles from fabrics without degrading or damaging them. Leaving your clothes cleaner, fresher, and lasting longer.

For decades, customers and dry cleaners had no real choice but to clean clothes in harsh, petrochemical solvents with known health and environmental risks. Starcrest cleaning system is an environmentally safe dry cleaning process that replaces petroleum-based solvents with liquid silicone, a gentle solution made from one of the earth's safest and most abundant natural resources: silica, or sand.

We are a company that has worked hard with the community to structure a dry cleaning plant that has reduced emissions and control many of the risks associated with the use of petrochemical solvents. One that would meet the needs of customers while protecting the communities in which we live.

The dry cleaning industry started in the 19nth century. It used volatile liquids such as gasoline and naphtha (not just water) to clean clothing and linens. The flammability of those early solvents led to the use of other solvents, and today eight out of 10 professional dry cleaners in the United States use the chemical perchloroethylene (commonly called perc) to clean clothes. And although perc is less flammable, it is still an awful chemical to have so prominently in our lives. It is outlawed in many countries, and California plans to phase out perc by 2023, with a ban on new perc equipment in effect soon.

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Customer Testimonials

I admit I appreciate a crisp shirt and a well dry cleaned suite. As an owner of my own company it is very important that I looked professional and ready to do business every day. My clients will perceive me and how I look as a representation of my services. Do I admit I am over the top in wanting my clothes ironed and pressed. Yes! I like my T-shirts and sheets pressed as well. So when I say that I would recommend this company it is truth. Being a person who probably dry cleans more often than most, it is also a plus that this type of cleaning is not just good for the life of my clothes but also friendly to the environment. And if I forget to drop something off, I can still have it back the next day. So it is a cleaners that is not only convenient, but does a good job in my opinion.

You never really know the first time you drop off your clothes some place if this is going to be a good or bad experience. But I wear a ton of black for my work as a stylist and get some pretty bad stuff on my clothes. As we all know, black does not do well in the home washing machine or dryer and is faded out before you know it. Well, I wanted to go to a cleaners that was new with non chemical to our environment. So when I read about this eco friendly cleaning service that could have my clothes ready THE SAME DAY, I said, this is perfect. Plus its in a great location and has a drive through. With a winter like we have had, that is perfect. They do a great job on my clothes and this is the most important part. My clothes last much longer with this cleaning system, and my clothes look new for so much longer. Love it at Starcrest. I don't usually write reviews, but I think we all need to start thinking about the environment more, and maybe this is one little way we can all help. Plus I hate hate ironing and have a little house with no room to store an ironing board.