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Contact Details

  City Phoenix , AZ
  Zip Code 85050
  Address 21050 North Tatum Blvd #122
  Phone Number (480) 585-3936

  • Three convenient locations
  • Inconsistent, expensive service, always an excuse for clothing damages

Here are the simple facts and reason for the above review:

1. The owner is opportunistic and take every attempt to profit at your expense.

2. I am a repeat customer, and have spent $600+ in dry cleaning at their locations.

3. Once, a $150 Facconable shirt was damaged in their folder, the owner offered to buy me a replacement (the shirt is discontinued) or a credit. I told him the truth and stated I had gotten it at a heavy discount for $35, which he credited me for. I could have been opportunistic as he is and produced a valid receipt for the original replacement value of the shirt as $150, but did not. The owner also attempted to defer blame by stating the shirt had a defect, which it did not.

4. Once, at the Tatum Blvd location I had my clothes in before 7AM, stated clearly to them: shirts folded and need be ready by 4PM to make my flight. I stopped by, they stated they had a machine breakdown and apologized for not calling me. The shirts came to me not folded and I just barely made my flight. I tipped them $20 for their effort.

5. Once, at the Thomas Rd location, they stated their machines broke down and half of my dry cleaning would not be ready. I was forced to purchase clothing on the trip at a loss of over $80 to me.

6. Today, Monday, I brought six pieces of laundry (shirts) and dry cleaning in to the Thomas Rd location at 645AM and requested the items by 3:30PM to 4PM same day service. They stated their same day service is completed by 5PM and if I wanted my clothes by 3:30-4PM, I would have to pay a $5 per piece upcharge. I explained that not only I am a repeat customer, I also travel through to Friday and need a dry cleaner that will either work on Saturday or do my cleaning earlier on a Monday. The girl at the counter contacted the owner, explained my dilemma and the owner stood firm at the upcharge.

Conclusion: If anyone reads this, I really need a decent dry cleaner in Phoenix that does work on weekends or is not a "rip-off" or is at least fair to their customers, because this Cleaners really deserves only a single star for their poor customer loyalty and their opportunism.

Value for moneyExpensive, upcharges for same day service
Service & supportDamages clothing
QualityGood Quality
LocationConvenient locations
Overall ratingFair

By far the best dry cleaners I have ever used. Their pick up and delivery service is great and Tracey Kading the route manager is great and very reliable! I would recommend Organic Dry cleaner's to anyone! I can't believe that there is no more chemical smell in my clothes anymore its just great!

I love this place! I don't understand why all dry cleaners don't drop the PERC. It is toxic to our lungs and environment. I go out of my way to get to. Read the full review ›