Green Leaf Cleaners is now open! We are situated in the Walgreens Shopping Center. We will be providing special discounts with our organic specialized services. Our organic services will keep the environment looking pretty. Please come and try out our amazingly efficient services. We avoid using any chemicals that can cause harm to your clothes or to the environment.

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  City Fremont , CA
  Zip Code 94555
  Address 3918 Decoto Rd
  Phone Number (510) 505-9000

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  • Environmentally Friendly

They have done a great job at cleaning all my stuff. I needed alterations and was very happy with there service. The 1 day service is very helpful because sometimes I am in a rush. They always have coupons lurking around so that brings down the prices far below any other cleaners I have found. Definitely will return.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • service, cost

They pressed my suits wrong, the legs were off from the original line in the fabric creating a double fold all the way down the legs.

The pockets were pressed wrinkled up and were very hard to get to lay flat with a regular iron after.

One item was pressed at too high of heat and had discoloration.

When I brought the clothes back for them to fix they tried to blame it on me saying I must have thrown them in my car on the way home... how exactly does that explain the issue?

Green or not, they aren't worth the high prices and the risk!

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingPoor

  • I would not recommend this business
  • NONE

Over priced, slow, horrible customer service.

They ruined my blouse, took it back to 'fix it' then it took over a month to finally get a hold of them to find out where my blouse was, they would not return my calls, answer their phone and the 'manager' was never 'in' to speak to me. At the end, the blouse is still ruined and they refused to pay for it saying it must be an error in the dye of the fabric.

They pressed all of my suit pants and jackets with the pockets bunched up then hassled me when I returned them to re-press them and then took them 2 weeks to get it done. No apology, no refund, just excuses.

Value for moneyWAY OVERPRICED
Service & supportThey should not even receive one star.
Overall ratingPoor

I got great service at Geen Leaf Cleaners! They were fast and friendly. My colthes looked great and there was no wierd chemical smeels and best of all they're cheaper than the other guys. I found my new favorite dry cleaners.